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Our Business Solves Problems Every Day. We love it and are passionate about!  I never forget moments when clients call in with problems, like one of our clients who lost almost everything to a fire. My heart hurt for them and their loss, but I was excited to, because I knew we had advised them on the right coverage, and they would have enough to get back on their feet.

But there are other problems we are passionate about solving too…

Children Suffering From Cancer
Foster Children
The Poor and many more…

Our Hearts Break for these things and we know yours do too. So, we are on a mission to make an IMPACT in their lives with your help.

Here’s How:

Every quarter, we will be running a fundraising Campaign for different local charities.

When someone gets a quote with our company for anything, health, auto, life insurance, etc we will make a donation in your name to the charity we are supporting.

Here’s why we tie it to a quote(coverage review), not a sale:

  1. We don’t believe that someone needs to buy something from us for us to give to charity, we want to give out of the goodness of our hearts.
  2. But, by promoting it this way, we can help more clients get protected, and shine a light on charities that people may otherwise not have heard of.

So if you’ve loved being part of McGlothin Insurance & Financial, JOIN US!


Brock McGlothin


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