Disability Insurance

Why You Need Disability Insurance

As an employee who knows the value of hard work, your world can be shattered when you experience an accident on the job. You fell off a ladder and broke your neck, you got run over by a forklift in the factory or you slipped and fell outside your office building. Accidents are waiting around every corner. However, there are ways you can protect yourself against losing income as a result of your unfortunate injury. Don’t let accidents get the best of you, especially if they’re not your fault. That’s why you need disability insurance, which provides benefit payments to you in the event you become disabled and can’t work. You can get up to 65 percent of your gross income but this varies by insurance company. Anyone is a good candidate for this type of insurance because anyone can get hurt at any time. Should you suffer an illness or accident, it’s no picnic to be laid up in the hospital or recovering at home. It’s even worse when you can’t put food on the table because you’re out of work.

Let disability insurance work for you. Let’s face it. No one likes to be out of work due to injury or illness but unfortunately it happens. Start planning for any eventuality now because you never know when disaster will strike on the job. No one can predict when an illness will occur. You could be as healthy as a horse and then, bam, your world is turned upside down. Relax by knowing you have a comprehensive disability income insurance plan in place. There are two types of disability insurance: short term and long term, with other options such as income replacement and total disability benefits. Turn to a qualified insurance agent to help you get the coverage you need for your situation today. It doesn’t take long, it won’t break the bank and you get peace of mind knowing you and your family are covered.